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A true professional

Great service, quick response, good pricing, your technician Larry LH82 was a real professional.Thanks Allstar


We called Allstar Plumbing around 12 (midnight) on a Sunday,because water was backing up in our toilets and bathtubs.Mr.Sergio came within 15 minutes and tried his best,but the problem was much bigger than we anticipated.The very next day,Mr Sergio sent three technicians to our house and they replaced the cast iron main pipes from 1961 with new PVC pipes.Mr.Jesse and his crew have done a wonderful job.They finished their job within 2 days as promised and no mess was left behind.These guys are polite,systematic,and very professional.Can't thank them enough for a job well done.I will recommend Allstar Plumbing to anyone who is in need of a good ,clean and knowledgeable plumber at a very reasonable price.

I called Allstar Plumbing after calling about 5 other water heater installation companies. I talked to Sergio and explained that my moms water heater was leaking and needed to be replaced along with the flex lines and earthquake strapping had to be installed since it wasn't up to code.

Sergio was great as he was able to authorize the job done over the phone and at a price that was very reasonable and this was on Sunday afternoon. As promised, Sergio had a technician purchase the preferred Bradford and White waterheater that next morning (Monday) and was at my moms house between the time that I was quoted.
The technician Larry turned out to be very helpful as he found that there was a galvanized pipoe that was leaking behing the drywall and this was after installing the new water heater. After talking to Sergio about the added labor and material we were able to come to a happy comprimise.

Larry put in a good 3 hours of his time cutting the sheetrock and cutting the old galvanized pipe and a good 45 minutes trying to budge the threaded portion out of the elbow. Larry was successful and was able to install a copper pipe and re-install the new watrer heater. He went beyond my expectations and most importantly gave my mom her hot water back.

I would highly recommend Allstar Plumbing because they arrived as promised and considered my 85 year old mom when it came to the final bill. Sergio and Larry are great and the communication was always positive and open.

These people are dependable. They respond quickly to calls for assistance. This is the second time their services have been requested and both times they came immediately. The service technicians both times were courteous . They did the work in a manner that was considerate because there wasn't mess left behind. I would recommend ALLSTAR PLUMBING for your next service call for quick and able technicians. I didn't get the name of the first technician that came out, but Timothy the technician that came for the service this time was also exceptional.

We live in Willow Glen where our house is over 60 years old, beautiful but let's just say the pipes in our house are a little worn. Superbowl Sunday and the toilets won't flush and the drains to our shower would drain either. Amazing, that Dan and Rojelio were here to fix the problem. They did an excellent job, super fast and easy and most importantly I was able to make my Super Bowl Party. Really cool guys who wrote suggestions on what our house would need to potentially stop this problem from happening again. You don't realize how important plumbing is until you don't have it. Thanks guys!!! Will definitely recommend to anyone that needs a good plumber!

by Corporate Customer on Allstar Plumbing San Jose

First of all I would like to commend and congratulate you guys for hiring Fred. I called you guys on a Tues. March 20, about the installation of a mop sink faucet and our ever so troublesome men’s urinal. Fred shows up the following day ON TIME!! (incredible) with a real good attitude and smile. He was patient yet business-like. Extremely efficient and dedicated, and most importantly he had a very keen sense of service and good will for me the customer.

He ended up working way past normal hours and started to get tired and frustrated, but Fred would keep his systematic, determined, tidy, self and keep plowing away. Not only did he take care of his job and install the urinal no matter what the problem or obstacle, he went out of his way to fix and rectifiy the problems the past few plumber’s I went through had created. Just amazing. I know for certain that Fred has raised my standards for what I expect from a good plumber.

Well you can always feel free to call me or write to me for further questions. I will vouch for Fred being the best plumber I have ever met. And I look forward to doing more business with Allstar Plumbing, and once again Thanks Fred.

A week ago I had a water heater installed by Brian. In my opinion he is a 5 star plumber. I am an old retired person and a senior citizen. Whatever you guys are doing, you are doing it right. Brian was Mr. Polite. He explained the contract to me and took his time to make sure I understood everything I was signing. I felt very comfortble. You don’t see young people these days caring so much about us seniors. Besides being so helpful and courteous he did a hell of a job with my water heater. It was raining pretty hard and Brian had to work in pretty tight quarters. The space was so limited that he couldn’t drain the water heater and had to take it down two steps full of water. The water heater looked beautiful when Brian finished. He wiped down everything and cleaned up the area and left everything in perfect order. People are so quick to criticize and often times don’t take the time to let a company know when someone has done a great job. I felt I had to say something because I was so impressed. I look forward to using Allstar Plumbing in the future and will tell my friends what a great job Brian did for me. Whatever you are doing keep doing it, you are doing a great job.



Dear Matthew:

I have recently been informed of your involvement, this past holiday season, with Lillian Spiller, a senior citizen residing in the Rose Garden district.

As I understand it, Mrs. Spiller contacted you regarding a plumbing problem, which turned out to be a broken sewer pipe, and a basement, which was filling up with raw sewage. You informed Mrs. Spiller that the sewer gas posed a suffocation and explosion hazard and recommended that she have the necessary repairs made, but she initially declined service.

Although some may have dealt with this as just another homeowner who was not ready to have a necessary repair made, your concern for Mrs. Spiller’s safety led you to consult with members of this department. This resulted in the Fire Department confirming the explosion hazard and the Department of Social Services offering counseling to Mrs. Spiller. In addition, I understand that you substantially reduced the cost of the repairs to make them more affordable to a senior citizen. In the end, Mrs. Spiller agreed to have the repairs made and you and your apprentice, Victor, were able to restore her home to a healthy and safe condition.
(I can only imagine how unpleasant draining a basement filled with two feet of sewage must have been.)

I believe that this episode is a fine example of both professionalism and concern for those around you. It is actions such as this that can make San Jose an even better place to live and work. I commend you for this contribution to your community.


City of San Jos

Brian arrived at my house and gladly worked on into the evening to solve my plumbing problems. This included the unexpected purchase and installation of a toilet, which he drove back to pick up from your shop. I want you to know that I am very pleased with the work he did and the good service provided by your company. In addintion, I would like to thank Brian for doing one little extra thing, putting my shower door back on their track, which I had found impossible to do myself. So this is a note of thanks, and I will call you again when plumbing problems arise.



Dear D.T.,

I am writing this letter of commendation of Brian, as a result of his excellence in analyzing, performing and completing a difficult water problem, which I discovered at my building after returning from a business trip in southern California. Your company was recommended by a friend who had used your services.

Although I was confronted with a plumbing problem that was not anticipated, difficult and time consuming, I was more than pleased with Brian’s professionalism and positive approach to the solution of the problem. His even temperament, always willing to answer questions, always keeping me informed as to the necessary procedutres involved and calling to inform me when he would arrive on the job, alleviated the many concerns that I had to deal with.

Brian is an exceptional employee, who cares about completing the job correctly and efficiently, with unquestioned loyalty to his employer. He is concerned about leaving the premises in as clean a condition as possible, never leaving any trash or unwanted material that stems from the work. He was as meticulous about his tools as he was about “cleaning up the mess” that is always involved in trenching and jack-hammering of concrete. It was difficult to believe that he was not the owner of Allstar, because he was continually concerned about a successful result, exlaining step by step during the course of the entire project, always contributing to the “good will” of the company.

I know I am just echoing what you already know. So please add my positive comments to the many very satisfied customer, who will continue to use Allstar as a result of Brian’s expertise and trustworthiness. I certainly will recommend the company to others.

Sincerely yours,


I feel that I need to tell you what an outstanding technician BW-17 is. He did some plumbing work for me on friday. He arrived right on time and worked steadily until the job was completed. And what impressed me, he cleaned up the area so well. I especially appreciated this because I am partially disabled. Also, he was friendly and kind.

Thank you so much for taking my call on such short notice.



Dear D.T.,

I would like to compliment the plumbers that had completed a very difficult project at my home this week: John and Joe. I am not only impressed with the responsiveness of Allstar Plumbing, but the knowledge, ethics, courteousness and respect that all your works displayed, my calls, and in personal contact.

Both of these individuals arrived at my home on Sunday evening to inspect a sewer/drain problem under my home. Apparently, after being out of the country for 3 weeks, plumbing had been draining into the ground under my home. They spent time discussing and educating both my husband and myself with the serious damage that had been created due to a line break. They walked us through all the paperwork and schedule with me. They explained to me what the job was costing, how it was being price, the charges for materials and the extra work that they need to perform to get the job done right.

The following day they spent 10 hours at my home , working NON-STOP to fix this problem. They started about 3 and left my house around 1:00a.m. I never saw them take breaks, just work through to complete this job. Upon completion(after mid-night), they entered my home, cleaned up and sat with me continuing to explain the paperwork and necessary items I needed for my insurance. They even spent time answering questiions on unrelated plumbing issues. They treated me with respect and did not turn to my husband to handle all the details or to get feedback. Most contractors that I encounter in the last two home remodels, often wanted to deal with my husband and don’t pay attention to the fact that I am the one most interested in the health of our home and finances.

I asked if they did work on the side, since I was impressed with there work, there answer was NO–only through the company. This shows me that these individuals were also ethical.

P.S. You can let them know that I crawled under the house the next day to review the work and am writing this with the knowledge of the physical work completed. I am sure that this does not surprise them.


Director, Merger and Acquisitions
Corporate Human Resources

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Steve. I recently called Allstar Plumbing for an emergency job at my residence. The service and attention I received was so exceptional I was compelled to write a letter to express my pleasure and satisfaction.

The entire transaction from the scheduling and dispatch with Gil to the service provided by D.T. and Matt were extremely courteous and professional. D.T. promised to complete the sizable job in one day and was true to his word. They both explained to me the problem, the process and kept me informed on the progress of the job.Their trucks, tools and uniforms were immaculate. They took time to re-explain the job to my wife and to briefly entertain my 1-year-old son who was very interested in their work.

I work in a service industry and maintain a high standard for the service I provide to my clients. It is an extreme pleasure to be on the receiving end of such excellent service. I will highly recommend your compay to my neighbors and friends and would welcome D.T. or Matt back to my home anytime. Thank you for supporting your employees.


Director of Business Development

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