The sump pump is located in a hole, or “basin,” installed into the concrete floor. It’s equipped with float switches that sense rising water levels, triggering the pump to actively remove excess water before it can flood your entire basement.

A typical sump pump lasts about 10 years; at that point, you may find yourself in danger of a mechanical failure when you need your sump pump the most. Like any plumbing fixture or household appliance, sump pumps consist of several individual parts that can break down or need repairs. If you own a sump pump, you may eventually find yourself needing sump pump repair or replacement of the float switch.

float switch repair replacement

Getting repairs as soon as possible is important, since you never know when you’ll be hit with a sudden emergency that could cause major flooding.  If the float switches are faulty, or if they’re caught in the wrong position against the side of the pump basin, they could either activate the pump unnecessarily, or fail to activate it when it’s needed.

Some other common issues with household sump pumps include:

  • Electrical wiring problems. Electrical issues are especially common when there’s a power surge during a storm. Since flooding can occur during very severe weather, many homeowners choose to install a backup sump pump that isn’t reliant on the main power supply.
  • Clogged or frozen discharge lines. You could also find yourself in need of sump pump repair service for an issue with the discharge line, which transports the water out of your basement. The line can become clogged up over time with leaves, soil, sludge, and other debris carried in the water. They can also freeze over during the winter.

At Allstar Plumbing in San Jose, our team of experienced, licensed residential and commercial plumbers repair or replace your faulty float switch at a cost that is easy on the wallet.